Unstable Elements

Unstable Elements Separate Chemicals
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Unstable Elements Fill the Measuring Cylinder!
Unstable Elements Beaker On Scale
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Unstable Elements SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE
Unstable Elements Tutorials
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Unstable Elements Game Over In a Good Way
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Unity 3D


Coding & Scripting Languages:



Target Platform:
Windows PC, WebGL


Development Time:

26 hours


Completed On:


Team Size: 



Lead Programmer


Tools Used: 

Unity3D, Visual Studio 2017


Source Control:

Sourcetree & Bitbucket


This game was created in the Abertay Serious Game Jam in the January 2018. It was sponsored by the University of St Andrews as they needed games that could make chemistry fun for High school students by going through real experiments.


As chemistry experiments tend to be quite segmented into different stages we decided that a game consisting of different minigames would work well - each minigame being one stage of the process. Additionally, we decided to port the title as a WebGL application making it accessible devices that either a school would have or the students themselves could bring.


For the above, we were one of the three winning teams with further development of the application being a possibility after consideration by St Andrews.


Finally, the team of students that worked together to make this banded together to create Cation Games, a rough and ready group that would tackle serious game jams with the intent of creating as polished a project as possible within strict time limits.

Teaser Trailer
Detailed Information

Level Design & Building

  • Created a "rough" version of the minigames so the designer could test and iterate. 

  • Work with FX artist to place and trigger FX such as sludge, smoke, electrical sparks, explosions, fire, etc.

  • Work with sound designer to trigger SFX at the right time & place.



  • Implemented Tutorial system - explanations of each level popping up at the start.

  • Created Pause Menu.

  • Implemented the main menu and ending scenes.

  • Created the following mini games: one, seven & eight.


User Interface & Animations

  • Work closely with UI artist in order to place the UI elements in-engine.

  • Created UI Animations and set them to trigger accordingly.


  • Work with audio artist to trigger appropriate audio tracks at each level.

  • Work with sound designer to trigger SFX at the right time & place.

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