Project Thunder


Unity 3D


Coding & Scripting Languages:



Target Platform:
Windows PC, WebGL


Development Time:

26 hours


Completed On:


Team Size: 



Lead Programmer


Tools Used: 

Unity3D, Visual Studio 2017


Source Control:

Sourcetree & Bitbucket


This game was created in the Abertay Serious Game Jam, January 2018. Abertay University wanted to create games with the theme “Food, water, Energy Nexus”. The team consisted of two programmers, two artists and a designer.

●Learn the basics of the game by first managing a small farm.


●Players must manage their energy, water and food supplies - while earning money to place new tiles, allowing them to expand.


●They also learn that many of these activities produce waste, and waste management forms a key part of the gameplay.


●By researching food waste innovations, the player can gain bonuses by building new facilities.

Teaser Trailer
Meet The Team