Spellcasting Guide

Spellcasting can be an intimating for first time players o I figured I’d write a small guide. It depends on the class for how it works. Read your section if you need some magic pointers.

Wizards such as Eveline’s character:

At Lv1, you know 6 spells that are in your spellbook. Out of these 6 spells, you can prepare a number equal to your wizard level + INT modifier. So, a lv1 Wizard with 16 INTELLIGENCE can prepare 4 spells out of the 6 they have. Every additional wizard level you gain, you learn 2 new spells that you inscribe in your spellbook. If you find scrolls that contain spells included in the Wizard spell list, you can scribe them in your spellbook if they are of a level you can cast. So eventually you have way more spells to pick from than the number you can prepare. So you have to be 'guessing' what you might be needing on your adventure that day. Make sure to keep a note on which spells you have prepared for the day. You always have your cantrips.

It's like, you own 6 dogs. You have plans to go out for the day, but you don't know yet what dogs you need. You grab a bag, but it only has room for 4 dogs, so you gotta pick which ones you will bring.

Sorcerers, Bards, Rangers, Arcane Trickster(Rogue subclass), Eldritch Knight(Fighter Subclass) such as Marko’s and Ginno’s characters:

You know a certain number of spells, listed on the class progression table, and you can always cast from among all these spells. Most of these classes will know 2-3 spells when they begin (Rangers get spells at lv2, AT and EK at lv3). AKA You own 3-4 dogs, and you always carry them around with you.

Druids, Clerics, Paladins like Jule’s and Federica’s characters:

You have access to their entire spell list for which you have spell slots. So, if your level grants you spell slots of 2nd level, it means you can prepare ANY spell from the class spell list among all those of 1st or 2nd level. The number of spells you can prepare is equal to (for clerics and druids) your cleric or druid level + your Wisdom Modifier. For Paladin, it's equal to half your paladin level + your Charisma modifier. Paladins get access to spellcasting once you hit lv2. Make sure to keep a note on which spells you have prepared for the day. You always have your cantrips.

You don't directly own dogs, but every morning you get to go to the pound and pick your dogs for the day.


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