Backstory Guide

This document contains everything we need to do to be ready for the first meeting.

Each player should write a short paragraph that briefly explains who their character is, what has brought them here and why they do what they do. Don't worry about making this super detailed - as you play this will grow organically. Your backstory should be a brief paragraph that uses your bond, flaw and personality trait to explain a it about how this character came to who they are and heading to their current location. Below I'll post an example of a character with the sailor background.

Example Backstory:

Aregarak is a boisterous and jovial fellow, standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 250 pounds. A large greataxe is strapped to his back and other than the harness for it, he wears only a leather gladiator kilt, and a pair of leather bracers. Aregarak hails from the city of Luskan where he's spent many years 'working' as a pirate until his ship mistakenly raided the wrong one. Namely, a navy ship. The pirate captain was killed but as the city of Liskan needed free labor the crew (Including Aregarak) were taken and forced to do menial work at the dock, which for a seafaring pirate is almost as good as prison. After 2 years of this the convicts were given a choise. Keep working on the Dock until they repayed for their crimes, whenever that may be, or volunteer to join Sildar Hallwinter’s expedition to civilise Phalafel, a task expected to be long, arduous and full of peril. Aregatak volunteered. He doesn't plan to waste his life putting one block on top of the next however for some fancy smancy Noble. The expedition is large and sneaking away once there would be a cinch. Word has it that a man named Daran Edermath is looking for people that know how to swing a weapon around and that he doesn't care about your past. Break some skulls, make some money and who knows, maybe manage to rejoin a crew and get back on the waves.

This helps me get the tone and feel of how to play Aregarak, gives a bit of background, some description of what he looks like, and motivation for why he's at Phalafel and leaves plenty of room to build on as the adventure continues. It doesn't have to be as long as the above example (half could be good) as long as it touches on what is mentioned above. I understand that not everyone is comfortable writing something like this so if you're still struggling let me know and we can co-write it. Please feel free to use the below backgrounds as a justification on why you are going to Phalafel.


The following will not replace your backstory but will just explain why you are heading towards Phalafel. Feel free to change them as you want to fit your story or not choose them at all. If you do go for one announce it so no one else will choose it.

Dwarven Muscle

  • Gundren Rock seeker has hired you to escort a wagon to Phalafel. Gundren has gone ahead with a warrior, Sildar Hallwinter, to attend to business in the town while you follow with the supplies. You must deliver the wagon safely to that trading post. Recommended to any PC who would do freelance work and has previous dealings with dwarves. This can go with any other background and can be a good explanation on how your character is getting to Phalafel.

A Civilising Force

  • In the last three or four years, hardy settlers have been rebuilding the old town of Phalafel, which orcs sacked five centuries ago. Clearly, what Phandalin needs now is a civilizing influence—someone to take the reins and bring law and order. Someone like you. You’re not the only one with such ideas. A knight named Sildar Hallwinter recently set out for Phalafel in the company of a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker. They plan to reclaim an ancient mine and restore Phandalin to a civilized center of wealth and prosperity. Since your goals align, Hallwinter should be willing to assist you. Would suit any player with Noble inclinations and strong beliefs.

War, What is it good for?

  • You’ve heard that Daran Edermath in the town of Phalafel is looking for people of courage and principle to teach some bullies a lesson. These thugs, the Redbrands, have been throwing their weight around. Putting a stop to their villainy is a worthy goal. Good for players that like fighting.

Shades of Revenge

  • Someone in the Redbrands nearly got you killed, and you sure would like to know who it was. And then you’d like to take your revenge—on that person. And you just got a tip that might help you: someone named Halia Thornton also has it out for the Redbrands. She lives in Phalafel, which means showing your face to the Redbrands who still want you dead.

Holy Hell

  • Through visions delivered in your trances, your god has called you to a new mission. A goblin tribe has made its lair in an ancient ruin now called Cragmaw Castle, where they have defiled a shrine once sacred to Oghma. Now dedicated to the vile goblin god Maglub, the altar is an offense to your God that must not stand. Good for religious peeps.

Massive Lizard Time

  • The ruins of Thundertree call to you. Rumor has it a dragon has made its lair in the Old Tower, but those are problems a hero can solve. Slay the dragon, or drive it off. Good for players who hate dragons and/or love glory.


A pair of Charlatans

  • Chris’s and Markos characters survived though a harrowing experience together and now travel and work together.

Hired Blade

  • The player who has chosen the civilised background has hired the player who wishes to face the dragon to do just that. Not Confirmed.