It was two days since the Dwarven expedition lead by Gundren Rockseeker met and joined the expedition from Neverwinter led by Silvar Hallwinter and proceeded on its way to Phalaphel now only half a day away. Their eagerness getting the better of them they and a large part of the convoy left the slower wagon behind and headed to Phalaphel in speed.

Protecting the wagon were two mercenaries by the name of Brad and Anton. Somewhat sketchy fellows but they seemed quite competent and worked well together. Certainly more competent that the wagon drivers, Cale and Anton (a different Anton) and more charismatic to boot.

To the side followed a surly ranger, Urth, walking next to his donkey which carried his supplies. He wasn’t officially part of the caravan but he had a knack for hunting game and seemed content to travel with the expedition so he was left alone. A slightly frustrated form walked ahead of the caravan. Charon Hellhammer was inpatient to get to Phalafel but stayed behind to ensure the caravan made it the whole way as a favour to Rockseeker. Sure he was just merchant caste but her family needed all the favour it could get. Unknown to most, a small creature followed closely and when she was able, snuck into the wagon but not without being seeing by the ranger. He inspected the wagon but made no fuss as the little gnome seemed harmless. Ellygobelle was not harmless.

As the caravan came around a bend, they spotted two dead horses sprawled about fifty feet ahead of them, blocking the path. Each had several black-feathered arrows sticking out of it. Before anyone could react more of those arrows were fired killing poor Cale outright.

At that, several of the members sprang into action. Anton surveyed the field spotting a goblin that had failed to hide and then quickly disappeared into the nearby bushes. A glint of steel showed that he had drawn his daggers. The ranger calmly took out his tinderbox, lit one of his arrows on fire and shot a random bush. A few seconds letter a goblin, engulfed in flames ran out of the bushes, fell off the outcrop and landed dead. Urth never changed expression. Brad smirked and revealed his nature as a bard by cursing the two visible goblins. He was so excited by his success however that when he turned to curse a third he dropped his weapons. His mood was further dampened by a black-tipped arrow embedding itself into his chest.

Filled with righteous rage, Charon ran forward, jumped over the wagon then threw a javelin which landed in a goblin shoulder. She then charged up the incline but due to her heavy armour she was slowed giving enough time to the goblin to draw his bow and fire a shot directly into her head. Dwarven steel helmets to the rescue. Now even angrier and slightly concussed Charon threw down her shield and attempted to squish the goblin but it proved too quick for her neatly dodging her blows. When it started to run away however an arrow from Urth stopped it in its tracks.

One of the goblins realised that Anton was close to it so it charged him but missed in the confusions of brambles. Anton attacked back but one of his hands got stuck in a branch, managing to only wound the goblin with his offhand. The goblin was ready to disembowel him when instead it just looked around, kneeled and fell to sleep. It was swiftly followed by another goblin further up. It seemed the gnome had some tricks up her baggy sleeves. Anton was then able to free himself and dispatch the two goblins.

The combat over Urth looked around and discovered the path the goblins had used. He saw tracks that showed that Silvan and Gundren had been taken this way. After some discussion the wagon, donkey and Anton(v2) were stashed and hidden to the side while the others tended to their wounds.

Urth went ahead, finding and disarming a crude goblin trap and eventually coming across a cave. Ellygobelle claimed she spoke with a rabbit that confirmed this was the goblin hideout and while that sounded odd she had already proven her magical aptitude. Continuing to sneak Urth spotted two goblin lookouts. The party, now wary attempted to surprise attack them. The goblins were felled noiselessly if a bit excessively as everyone threw their weapons at them.

Sneaking into the cave they encounter a cavern with three chained wolves. Luckily, Charron had a way with animals and singing a dwarven sheep lullaby succeeded in calming them. The party took pity on the wolves and freed them, letting them run into the wilderness. Brad clambered up a refuse pile in that chamber and was able to climb into a large cavern room.

From there he observed a bugbear killing a goblin and shouting some nonsense about Kvarg.

More interestingly he spotted looted supplies worth the symbol of the trading company he had been looking for in regards to his murdered friend.

The party continued forward in the darkness, spending much time deliberating a plan of action. Eventually they charged into a goblin barracks where they found Silvan being beaten up by a buff goblin and his retinue. A well placed arrow from Urth decapitated the goblin. Another goblin in desperation grabbed the unconscious Silvan and threaten to kill him. He offered Silvan and the loot to the party if they killed Kvarg as the goblin thought he could become leader. The party was sceptical but agreed even convincing the goblin to spare one of his warriors. They used him to bait a lookout around a corner where he was quickly sawed in half by Anton.

The guards having spotted them, Kvarg was ready for the party but Brad heroically sneaked around, climbed the refuse pile and used his arcane music’s to deafen a goblin and startle the rest. Hearing the sound the party charged in and begun attacking in earnest. A javelin launched by Charon was unfortunately redirected and ended up impaling Brad to the wall. Urth attempted to stop Kvarg from killing Brad. Kvarg’s Morningstar broke his arm, struck him in the head and ended his consciousness. Meanwhile, Ellygobelle darted to the right, knocked a goblin over with a stone from her sling then ran forward and stabbed him to death. Very efficient. Barely alive, the impaled bard whispered some arcane words and materialised an illusion of food on Kvarg which made his wolf bite and wound him. Distracted he turned to face the wolf when a Warhammer came down and crushed the bugbear with a sickening crunch. Charon had hit. The wolf seemed preoccupied with eating his former master so the party left it alone and combat ended.

Anton, quite the practical man looked around the chamber and was able to unlock Kvarg’s chest where money and more importantly two potions were found. Elly identified them as healing potions and thus Urth and Brad were brought back from deaths door. Urth’s left arm had been broken but the potion restored it to working order.

Returning to the first goblin the party felt betrayed when the goblin demanded a ransom if they wanted Silvan. An argument ensued that ended up with Silvan being thrown off a height and almost dying. Outraged by the betrayal and lack of logic the party destroyed the goblins. The remaining goblin patrol which wandered in was put to sleep and savagely stabbed by the small urchin.

Managing to stabilise Silvan, they found out that someone called the Black Spider was behind this, that the map that lead to the mine was stolen and that Gundren was nowhere to be found. They searched the caves carefully but only found a small opal embedded in some goblin poo. Carrying Silvan they got back to the caravan where Anton(v2) was still waiting for them.

A few hours of travel passed and they were in Phalafel. Time to rest they thought.