A Day In Phalafel

What a day!

The group staggered into town with an injured Silvan beckoning them to the nearby inn.

The little gnome, Ellygobell sneaked away as they aproached and was lost from view while Brad the Bard whispered to Anton that he had business that he had to conclude by himself adding that Anton should stay close to Silvan in the meanwhile.

Going into the inn, Silvan was able to secure lodgings for them all (including Urths donkey) and went to rest. Anton sat and drank while the other three sought healing. Eventually finding a shrine to Tymora they werer able to procure healing for Urth's broken hand and also met an odd Dragonborn named Vrackie.

The healer, an elf named Sister Garaele rechonised their adventuring prowess and offered them a job, to negotiate with a wraith called Agatha located in the old own well and obtain it's spellbook. The party accepted the offer and seemed to warm to the Dragonborn quickly. Vrackie seemed keen to find out more information so sought out an old half-elven adventurer called Daran and after some mishaps (including an overly friendly halfling and a suspisiously missing goat) was able to find him and get infromation on the Redbrands , a gang that was seemingly terrorising the town.

Meanwhile Anton made the rounds in the pub, getting cussed by a farmer who was eventually mellowed by a gift of ale and shared some rumours such as the plant life being wierd, the miners being attacked by undead and that life was generally shitty. He kept hearing about the redbrands, a gang of thugs with a short-but-terrible reign in the frontier town of Phandalin. As he was finishing his questioning a newly healed Urth walked in and they startyed drinking eventually being joined by Vrackie who relayed the information she aquired.

Charron, boldly grabbed the first passerby and obtained the location of Iarno Blackstaff's location. She then went to the manor, knocked he door and when no answer was forthcoming she ripped the doors off the hinges and bashed her warhammer on the stone floor.

"OI!" the thug behind her said. She was surounded by four burly looking men. After trying to initmidate them they attacked her. Using her newly reinforced connection to Clangeddin she empowered her attack and killed the first man with one blow.

The rest of the fight started going badly but thankfully Vrackies keen senses picked up sounds of the trouble and rushed over. Urth and Anton followed after and all four were able to kill three of the thugs and make one run away. Searching the masion, they only found a lamp with the Lionshield motif but nothing else.

A bit traumatised by the attack the group now stuck together, swung by Barthens Provisions and got their payment for the delivery of the caravan. He directed them to speak to Mrs Graywing of the Lionshield trading center as they had found her missing shipment. They were given a hefty amount of gold for a map leading to the provisions and a discount on weaponry that some members took advantage of. Urth managed to sell his lamp and all was good.

Running out of leads the party checked out the Sleeping Giant inn for any clues about the Redbrands but after some misunderstanding the Dwarven barkeep explained to them that thats who they had killed. Relucant to share more infriomation until the party driunk the house sepcial she reffered them to Halia in the Phandalin Miners Exhange.

Now slightly drunk, the party wondered around in the town till they found the exchange. Now being evening it was closed but they managed to find Halias house, which had nice pillows, and were invited in when Vrackia blurted out that they wantred to kill all the redbrands. Halia revealed that she wanted the Redbrands gone and would pay the party for killing Glassstaff and restoring order to the town. She revealed to the party that the redbrand hideout was in a hidden basement around the house.

The party, somewhat injured retired to the inn, checked up with Silvan who told them that they had a meeting with the Mayor at 10am tomorrow and was outraged to hear that Glasstaff was corrupt. Resting but eager to see justince the party explored the Manor in the early morning, found the cellar and encountered more redbrand thugs. The combat was fierce but they were able to defeat them with the help of Vrackias frost breath and Urths newfound spellcasting abilities.

They captured one of the thugs alive who onforrmed them that they had captives guarded by skeletons (Charron could feel their presense through the walls), Iarno was at his chambers, Nazzar the Black Spider had breought bugbears and goblins here to guard Iarno and there was an odd cyclopian beats who could apprently read minds. The thug was hoping theyd let him go free.

Urth then sawed his head off and added it to his collection. When confronted by his companions judgemental stares he shrugged and said "I'm not violent, I just like to collect things". The party returned to the inn to have a short rest, go to the meeting with the mayor and finally uncover Iarno's machinations.

Day one, complete.