Somewhat Ended

The project has been finalised. The two versions consist of almost identical implementations of the boids algorithm in Unity 2017. The algorithms flock by averaging the velocity and position of other boids found within a user defined range. This provides cohesion and alignment and due to Unity's physics system no separation was required as this happened automatically.

The main difference between the two is that while the traditional version treats all the boids within range equally the fyzzified version categorises them in 5 sets:

- Very Far

- Far

- Slightly Far

- Close

- Very Close

The closer the boid was the more significance was given to it's velocity and position forming groups within groups and more natural looking behaviour. However, seeing the difference in behaviour is exceptionally hard as it is not significant. This provides a good lesson for the development of the final project. My hope to rectify this are of course versions differing from each other to a much larger degree and more complex scenarios.

The submission is made of four parts. One is the folder called SOURCE which contains the whole Unity project. This is included to aid in transparency and to answer any questions my supervisor might have about the implementation. The other folder titled EXECUTABLE contains the comparison application as an executable and is the version that was used to gather the current feedback. The last two items are documentation. First there is the "Survey Results" which talks about how the survey can be used, what it's goals are and a short reflective section on the results obtained so far. The other document is the "Performance Comparison". Due to the similarity of the two versions no conclusive differences were found so instead the document summarises what future development will look like and the demo's code architecture.

Addendum: Due to mounting worries with other coursework and personal reasons I have requested for a 48 hour extension for the submission of the feasibility demo.

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