Survey Complete

The application will now terminate in the end scene which will thank the user for their time and provide them a four digit code that they are to use in the survey. The reason for the code is that in order to ensure that the answers aren't biased by the order of versions the program will flip which version goes first. Applications that lead with the fuzzy logic version will present a code ending with an odd number and likewise any application that lead with the non fuzzy version will have a code ending on an even number. It's then a simple task to sort the surveys into a final database. Additionally this will have the added advantage of being able to automatically reject joke submissions if they do not provide a four digit code.

The survey itself has not been expanded much since the initial draft as the lack of complexity and differences found in this demo do not allow for more detail. For the final project the survey will expand alongside the application to ensure that the questions reflect what the users are actually encountering and as such is expected to become much more comprehensive.

Currently it will ask the user which was their preferred version and why that is. they will then be asked to score both versions on a scale of 1 to 5 regarding the behaviour shown. Finally, a user is able to opt in to further commincation by providing their email address.

The complete survey can be found here:

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