Disaster; Somewhat averted

A new device has been found and it has been converted to best work for my uses but has however proven unreliable so further searching is required to secure a more reliable device. I will be soon able to attend University grounds again so usage of the computers there will be a possibility. Progress on the other models has been satisfactory however so work has resumed somewhat on the feasibility demo. What has happened so far is the following:

A group of testers willing to do the initial survey has been found. Not finding enough people was a risk fro the project and now that it has been resolved I can focus on the actual planning. The survey that will be used will be the same as the one submitted in the proposal documentation as it is simple and vague enough to suit the demo.

Additionally, a Unity project has been set up for usage which means the boids application is ready to be implemented with no other considerations to block it.

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