Disaster; As usual

So disaster has struck but this was an expected possibility. I have managed to destroy my main working machine by spilling frankly massive amounts of tea over it.

While all my files have been backed up the necessity of finding a replacement terminal and setting it up so I can work quickly has proven to be a slow and arduous task. This coupled with having the major deadlines for University projects (that is, a stereoscopic3D application, a graphics programming with shaders application and of course the honours feasibility demo) has left me in quite a panicked hurry.

Finally, personal issues have forced me to remain at home for the past 4 weeks without being able to attend University grounds. While most of the work can be done remotely this has make keeping on track into a bit of an issue.

Due to the applied technologies deadline looming closer than the rest this week has not been used to work on the honours project and instead has been spend trying to finalise the stereoscopic3D application.

It is my hope that the above problems will be resolved until the week of this week and work on the project can resume.

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