Honours Project: Part 2

The first part is over. The proposal is submitted and accepted. This leads me to the second part, that is to create something that can convince my supervisor that I can actually do this project.

My thoughts so far is to use the game Engine Unity due to it's excellent facility in making quick prototypes to create a simple boids application with a rudimentary testing suite to measure performance. I will then attempt to enhance the applications output using by using fuzzy logic (Chang, 2008) and compare the two. This will involve a basic attempt at comparing performance by looking at how many CPU cycles are used for similar tasks and also will use a simple survey to query a few users (2-4) and get their opinions on the differences of the two versions.

While the above's complexity will not be great it is my hope that it will demonstrate the course I will take when I will be executing the honours project during next term. The concepts remain the same, thew only difference is the scope. My task this week is to nail down the planning for the this.

Additionally, I have filled in the risk assessment form relevant to my project. Due to the subject matter being game development not many risks were present. The only notable one comes from surveying members of the public however this has been constrained to either my term address or the grounds of the University which minimises such risks. I will be hearing back if it's accepted or not shortly.


Chang, Jen-Yao; Li, Tsai-Yen. 2008. Simulating Virtual Crowd with Fuzzy Logics and Motion Planning

Available from http://www3.nccu.edu.tw/~li/Publication/pdf/cisram08.pdf

[Accessed 01 November 2017].

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