Researching for References

This has been a mostly uneventful week. I have narrowed down my work from the 3 potential reports to the final version and have begun working on it in earnest.

This work has consisted mostly of doing research in order to further strengthen my arguments and obtain good references for the report but also some re-writing of my draft, adding information and cutting unnecessary parts.

While, as mentioned in my previous journal post I have not been able to meet with my supervisor yet owing to our respective schedules I did broach the subject of perhaps changing my dissertation topic after the planning stage is completed and the proposal submitted. The reason I want this option to be available is that while I've had promising results during my research into AI for games and crowd simulation implementations, the subject of specific academic AI techniques is probing illusive. Without this information managing the project scope will prove to be a hard task (as with the number of viable techniques the amount of works increases exponentially) and could potentially hamper implementation if no further data can be found.

Immersive Crowd Simulation remains an interesting subject to myself and my consideration is to perhaps look at alternative perspectives on how to achieve that aim. If I fail to make Academic AI principles work in that regard I would like to be able to consider different directions for my project.

No matter the final direction my project will take the proposal will go ahead with the original topic ("Using Academic AI principles to improve crowd behaviour in games") as formulating it will be a key step in identifying the viability of the project.

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