The Proposal Begins

I have been assigned my supervisor!

I will be working under Dr. Ruth Falconer who I had previously contacted regarding my original steering idea. I have been it touch to arrange a meeting but as luck would have it our schedules do not coincide until the end of October, only days before I am supposed to deliver my honours proposal.

All is good however as we will be keeping in contact via email and I plan to send my report proposal once it's partly legible. This week I have made 3 very rough versions of it, all with slightly differing dissertation topics. I am still unsure as to what I want to do so I'm keeping my options open.

Additionally, I have finalized my draft proposal presentation and proceeded to actually present it to my fellow computer game applications development students. The complete version can be found here:

I received positive feedback regarding the presentation with the notable exception that it was vague owing to my previously mentioned undecidedness. It is my hope this will stop being a problem over the next few weeks.

One other thing that should be mentioned is the possible collaboration with a Computer Arts student. There has been interest in doing a co-opted honours project, a example would be a crowd simulation (made by me) using 3D animations (made by them). This is still in it's infancy but further discussion will be had with the artist to see if this is something that could be a viable project.

For the next week I plan to do further research, choose one of the three proposals I am drafting and finish the one I will be using while sending updated versions to Dr. Falconer for feedback.

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