Starting an Honours Project

Week 1 of the most important module I’ll be doing in this degree with not much clue what I’d like it to be about. No stress here at all.

Due to above mentioned cluelessness this week was mostly focused in exploring differing avenues that my project could take and clarifying the information I was given.Using notes from the first workshop and the word document that contained the honor project suggestions I was able to remove any projects/suggestions that did not fit my brief. This included projects that I deemed too removed from my specialization or not technical enough for my purposes. Finally, by converting what remained in the document to a common style (font, size, etc.) I was left with a much more clear and readable document.

My hope is that as I do further research, I will be able to strike down further parts of the document which will give me a clear picture of what I’m interested with and what supervisors I should contact.Additionally, I’ve started doing research on different technologies that interest me.

One topic that has captured my attention is AI steering behaviors such as flocking, wandering, etc. Specifically, I am interested in writing about how you can get complex and varied behaviors just by using simple AI which would only use information about itself and/or its neighbors and how a developer can take advantage of the emergent behaviors to make something that would feel quite complex while being relatively easy to implement and understand.

One of the articles I’ve been reading can be found here: which shows some example of steering behaviors.However, I would be remiss to mention that taking this direction is not guaranteed. I feel like the primary problem I am having is not having done enough to know what truly interests me. I plan to use the coming weeks to really pin down 2-3 ideas and communicate with the relevant staff to assess the feasibility of those ideas. Further research is a must.

Wish me luck.

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