Narrative Creation Tool for Beasts Within



Unity 3D


Coding & Scripting Languages:

C# & XML


Target Platform:
Windows PC


Development Time:

4 days


Completed On:


The dialogue creator let’s our writer build in-game dialogues quickly. Dialogues consist of pages, each page a line. The writer can set which character will appear, what their mood will be like and which side of the conversation they would appear.


Every line can be set as a choice event where the player will have to make a decision between 2-3 responses which will affect the story later on. Lines to only appear if the player is in the correct branch of the story or if certain actions were made during the game which was the primary way that we implemented a varied story.


A completed dialogue could then be saved for later edits or for in-game use. It would be saved as an XML file which the game would then use to create a conversation.

While the initial development of the tool was quite quick there were later additions after conferring with the team writer resulting in a quite flexible and easy to use tool.

Example Conversation