Level Designer for Beasts Within



Unity 3D


Coding & Scripting Languages:

C# & XML


Target Platform:
Windows PC


Development Time:

9 days


Completed On:


The level creator let’s our designer build the games levels quickly.

He or she will be able to edit the map as they see fit, add actors, objects or even change the terrain. The different tile types you can see have an impact on gameplay especially player movement.

Additionally, you can enable the art overlay. If art has been produced for this level it will show up and you can make sure that the maps match up perfectly.

A completed map could then be saved for later edits or for in-game use. It would be saved as an XML file which the game would then use to create a level.

This tool was created with constant feedback from the level design team and as a result became quite powerful. Future thoughts on expanding the game became quite feasible using it as it could implement all the present mechanics and could in corporate new ones with a few clicks.

Example Map