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Unity 3D


Coding & Scripting Languages:



Target Platform:
Windows PC, WebGL


Development Time:

26 hours


Completed On:


Team Size: 



Lead Programmer


Tools Used: 

Unity3D, Visual Studio 2017


Source Control:

Sourcetree & Bitbucket


This game was created for the Global Game Jam 2018 at Abertay University. Mostly created for fun it was also intended as practice for the members of Cation Games for the next serious game jam.


Play as Fire-boy, your friendly neighbourhood firewall program as he does his best to keep your system free from malware. Stop the viruses from infecting systems, but be sure to let those cat photos and likes get past! Armed with backups, anti-viral bullets and literal firewalls you must dodge, weave and destroy your way to victory. Best played with an x-box controller - otherwise good luck!

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