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Unity 3D


Coding & Scripting Languages:



Target Platform:
Windows PC


Development Time:

4 months


Completed On:


Team Size: 



Lead Designer, Gameplay Programmer


Tools Used: 

Unity3D, Visual Studio 2013


Source Control:

SmartSVN & Github


Castellan Kingdoms is a turn based strategy game for up to 4 players (local multiplayer, human or AI).  Set in Medieval Europe, players choose their nation and compete for dominance as they build their armies, expand their empire, fortify their castles and hold court with their advisers. 

The project was developed by Triumvirate Games, a 3 person team using the Unity3D in C#. This was our first time using the game engine and as such the project had a steep learning curve but one we more than managed.​

My main responsibilities during this project was to:

  • Produce design and project management documentation.

  • Run & maintain the company, Triumvirate Games. This included providing office space to the team.

  • Develop the town-building scene, where the player could upgrade their fortifications, buy troops and more.

  • Source sound effects & audio tracks for the game.

This project gave me invaluable experience on how to work with a team and what can help or hurt productivity. Working closely with the lead programmer, I gained an appreciation for AI systems, particular turn-based ones, something which shapes my learning experience to this day.

Detailed Information


  • Responsible for creating the "Castle" scene. The play could purchase troops, build fortifications and choose their next actions. 


Project Management

  • Implemented Tutorial system - explanations of each level popping up at the start.

  • Created large amounts of documentation & ensured that other team members documentation fit all together.

Production & Busines

  • Secured free office space for the team. This proved invaluable as the ability to work in the same space over the week improved productivity tenfold.

  • Founded a new company called Triumvirate Games, responsible for creating professional documentation for the game's release. 


  • Animated Sky & flags.


  • Searched online to find suitable & copyright free sound effects and audio tracks for usage in the game.

Meet The Team

Ross McDonald - Lead Programmer


Claudia Taylor-Smith - Lead Artist, Gameplay Programmer

Charalampos Koundourakis - Lead Designer & Gameplay Programmer