Beasts Within

Beasts Within Bursting Out of the Factory
Beasts Within End Of Act One
Beasts Within Main Menu


Unity 3D


Coding & Scripting Languages:



Target Platform:
Windows PC, WebGL


Development Time:

15 Weeks

Completed On:


Team Size: 



Lead Programmer & Assistant Producer


Tools Used: 

Unity3D, Visual Studio 2015


Source Control:

Sourcetree & Bitbucket


“Beasts Within” is a top-down narrative driven puzzle game with elements taken from visual novels.

It begun from a game jam idea we had to meet the brief of "corruption". We focused on corporate corruption but wanted to approach it in an idiosyncratic way, and thus we developed a story which was Aesop’s Fables meets hard boiled noir in which the hero investigates shady business practices and their ties to organised crime.

This was the project I worked with so many different specialities present. There were 3 artists, 2 designers and myself, one programmer. Due to my fear of becoming the production bottleneck seeing as there was only one of me and I was the only team member who had extensively used Unity and source control I instead focused on tool creation. After my initial planning I ended up with two main tools, the level editor and the narrative creator. Both enabled their respective users to create content for our game without needing to interact with the main project. As our production time was very limited this proved a lifesaver and enabled us to not only produce a finished game but also have a overall good level of polish.

While there was no tool for the art team,I created a clear pipeline, with accompanying guide containing things from naming conventions, to file formats to what to do when Unity eventually crashes. This ensure that development was mostly error free from all different aspects of the team.

The pitch presentation can be found here.

Teaser Video
Gameplay Video
Detailed Information

Tools Programming

  • Created Level design tool that could be used to build levels and place assets. More information can be found here.

  • Created Narrative creation tool that could be used to construct in-game dialogue. More information can be found here.

  • Collaborated closely with the design & writing team in order to polish the tools mentioned above.


Scripting & Development

  • Solely responsible for all scripting and in-engine editing.

  • Implemented WebGL version so large scale testing could happen off site.

User Interface & Animations

  • Worked closely with UI artist in order to place the UI elements in-engine.

  • Created UI Animations and set them to trigger accordingly.


  • Drafted a technical design document. Can be found here.

  • Collaborated closely with all team members to ensure that the project met all it's deliverables in time.

Video Creation

  • Recorded footage of the game for use in marketing materials.

  • Created videos of new features in order to update team members.

Team Development

  • Created tutorials and linked resources for team members.

  • Showed all members on the team how to use source control and how to use Unity.


  • Held weekly meetings where all team members would be debriefed and further action would be decided.

  • Collaborated closely with all team members to ensure that the project met all it's deliverables in time.


  • Worked with audio artist to trigger appropriate audio tracks at each level.

  • Worked with sound designer to trigger SFX at the right time & place.

  • Integrated FMOD, a third party audio suite, to enable dynamic and shifting music.

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